There is truly nothing like a church where you are fed by God's grace, where you are accepted by a community, where you are put to work to shape justice, and your personal hopes meet the faithfulness of God.

The peace of the Lord is with you.


We are a holy and catholic church that began as an outpost of Lutherans who taught and worked at the University of California, Davis.  Just as  the community of Davis continually  welcomes a diversity of peoples from across the globe you can openly share yourself here, whatever your story.


We offer liturgical and alternative worship, spirited music ministries and social justice work that is vital and fresh for today.  God's overwhelming grace and acceptance stirs our imaginations in the new friendships formed when we  serve alongside our neighbor.  We  are listening, praying, and working together to be precious gifts in each other's lives.  


Welcome to the church.    

Reverend Jeffrey Irwin, Pastor